What are guys thinking about when they openly gawk at a girls face for long period of time?

The ones that stare at a girl's face, and keep staring at her face even when she catches him and she looks away.

I'll give you two examples that had happened to me but you don't have to read them. :P I'm in high school by the way in gr 10

Example 1)

I was walking down a hall and it suddenly got very crowded and it was very hard to move. I looked up and I caught the eyes of one of the popular outgoing boys in my grade. I looked away and turned my face the other direction after a second because holding eye contact is very awkward for me.

Even though I looked away, the guy didn't look away. He kept staring for the LONGEST time.

His face was blank, and his mouth a bit open. I'm not one of the insanely gorgeous girls you see on victoria's secret. I'm actually pretty average. I'm one of the girls who look like the decent innocent looking types that aren't anything special to look at. so It made me feel very self conscious when he had that awed expression on his face while staring at me.

Unfortunately, I was not able to run away from this super weird too close for comfort moment because it was very crowded and people weren't moving.

The guy finally looked away only because his friend something to him. The guy who stared at me said something back. I couldn't hear what they were saying. But when he was done speaking, he turned to stare at me AGAIN.

When I was able to move, I saw his friend look at me and smile at me while I walked passed by him. I pretended not to notice this whole time because I was just really self conscious and embarrassed about the whole thing.

After that moment, I saw him again in the halls. He would glance at me once or twice but he didn't look interested in talking to me. Other times he just completely ignored me.

Then example 2)

I was walking down the hall and the same guy from example 1) was with his friends standing in front of a classroom.

While I was walking, I pretended not to notice him when I came into his vision range.

From the corner of my eye, I saw him give me the same blank stare from example 1. He wouldn't stop looking until I was right beside him. Then he turned around, put his arms on his head while I was walking away.

I know he didn't turn around to look at my butt because I saw him stare at the girl's butt in front of me before he went away from my vision range. I'm a petite girl with a small butt so there's not much to look at compared to her lol.

So anyway, what are your thoughts?


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  • You are probably just beautiful to them. They are probably thinking about what they'd do to you. Don't give in to temptations though, it is better to wait and find someone who loves you than to go out with random guys.

  • We are always thinking that they are attractive.


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