Are beautiful girls ever nice?

it seems like they are almost always bitchy. Is it just me?

maybe I'm the pot calling the kettle black, but why is everyone anonymous on this thread?


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  • grrr... I get that so much it's unbelievable, so many guys after I start talking to them and getting to know each other have said 'when I first saw you I thought you looked so stuck up, but your really awsome.' I hate it because I don't want people to think that, I'm friendly and talk to anybody and everybody, I don't think I'm to good for any-one. Yet before I talk to them that's the impression they get. So maybe you think they arn't nice because you won't talk to them. yet I do somewhat agree with you I usually steer away from talking to bitchy hot girls because I think get over yourself. But I should proberly give them a chance more often, they could be just like me.


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  • Yea I'm always nice haha

    Depends to whom but really,beautiful girls are nice to people they really like,as everyone else.An ugly person also can be cocky and arrogant

  • Sometimes. In my experience not often. Beautiful girls don't have to be nice or have good personalities because they are beautiful. Ugly girls tend to have better personality and be nicer to make up for it. Just the way things are. Messed up.

  • Yes, you just have to find them in the right place.Beautiful girls with beautiful personality do exist. For instance their inner beauty is way more beautiful then their beautiful face and body figure.

  • My friend on this site (your's too) were discussing this a couple of days ago and have come to the comclusion that it's you. It appears that whenever a woman rejects you or disagrees with you then she's a bitch. Once again, we have an issue that's initiated by you but blamed on another.

    • Why do you assume I have reached this conclusion based on a rejection? I actually was thinking of someone I have done many favors for, but in return she has been ungrateful and rude. And another friend, this one online, is pretty and the same way---rude.

      I think maybe being beautiful buys you all kinds of things in life, and you never have to learn manners or grow a nice personality. Now, do you want to comment on that or just take potshots at me?

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    • You mean "nutty"...not "slutty.

    • Nope, slutty. I'm a friending whore

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  • "Bitchiness" is one defense a woman has against unwanted advances. The more physically attractive a woman is (along with being in social settings), the more necessary it is for her to have some way to ward off the plethora of guys hitting on them.

    My guess is that something you are saying or doing is invoking their bitchiness.

    • You have a point about pretty women in general, they are so used to advances from men, they sometimes just "bitch" guys away so as not to be bothered.

      But one of the girls I was thinking of, I have not hit on at all, and the other only once in a mild way.

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    • Agreed. From my end, I recognize that I am very competitive. However, I don't compete to win but rather to gain greater insight. I also seek out opportunities with people who will challenge me, who will stand up to my logic and reasoning (as evidenced by this thread). As a result, I learn. That's rather the point of this site to me--homework problems in social dynamics.

      Anyways, nice conversation.

    • To those who follow what I write---yes, I know stole (borrowed?) the ruler joke from Murphy Brown. I thought it was an apt way to point out to men when they are being needlessly competitive; I still believe it is.