Is it possible to have...

an unattractive stomach?

Random question I know. But I was wondering what people think an unattractive stomach looks like?

Personally, I like softly toned flat stomachs on females and muscular or toned for males. I don't mean to be cruel but I find it difficult to look at extremely over weight people, who have folds of fat flowing over their jeans.

Maybe I should refrase my question to: Do you find stomachs attractive, if so, what kind? toned, flat, curvy, etc?


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  • Well it sounds like people can have unattractive stomachs since you are not attracted to those who are overweight.

    • Yea, but I wasn't to sure if I was just being extremely judgmental and cruel. Was just checking that other people thought the same

    • Everyone is allowed to like what they like and be attracted to what they long as you aren't being downright mean to people you aren't attracted to

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  • Clearly, considering you said you only like it softly toned for women and muscular for men.

    Anyway, I agree with the part about the midsections of obese people. Other than that, I don't particular fixate much on it. I can find a wide variety of them attractive.

  • An unattractive stomach has a bulge or fat in it.

  • I agree.


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