Is cornflour healthy?

I recently bought some to make polenta and corn bread. I always thought it would pretty healthy, kinda like whole wheat flour. But then I looked at the package and under ingridigents it said maize starch, which has a pretty negative association, as it's in a lot of processed food.

In fact it doesn't look the cornflour my mom always bought in back home in italy, it's just very light and white. Not corny at all

So I'm a bit confused? Is it (consumed in moderation) good or bad for you?


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  • it is OK for you, low in fat but it fills you up, corn in general is hard for the body to digest and utilize, I don't mean to spoil your appetite, but that is why it is often seen in whole pieces in stools. The body doesn't know what to do with it because its not quite a natural food it is one that man has altered way too far from nature. But I am Italian as well and eating it brings back memories and it tastes so good. As far as maize starch being bad for you, well that is just another name for corn starch which I use all the time in baking, it's a refined form of corn and I believe it helps the polenta become fluffier and rise up.. If the corn flour your mom brings back is white then maybe that from white corn and yours is from yellow corn. The fact you are cooking from scratch is a lot better than what most people eat (fast foods, instant foods), corn is not the healthiest grain..try quinoa or rice, make risotto:)! but in moderation it is fine, with some roasted chicken and veggies it would be a nice meal.


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  • Maize is the Native American word for corn. so it's just cornstarch.

    • I know that, but I was more worried about starch part

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    • that's not quite right. What your mom probably has at home and you should have been looking for is cornmeal.

      Cornstarch is highlt porcessed and not benefcial to your diet. As you said it's used as thickener in most processed products. It's also in many lotions and powders. it's really more a food like thin, than real food. Nothing you should eat. That being said in a small dosis it's also not harfull, just calorie rich

    • Anything is unhealthy if large amounts. Cornstarch has been used as a thickener (as you said) in many things. By itself - it's not bad for you.

  • If you don't want it and you know of its health consequences, trust your instincts. Don't buy it.

    • well I think the other guys, I was acutally looking for cornmeal so I don't really have a use for it now. Thanks for the answer though

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  • Starch is naturally found in many foods. Starch isn't harmful for you. Consuming mass quantities will up your calorie intake making you gain weight and all that stuff, but you won't do anything negative to your body by eating starch.