I don't enjoy anal sex!

My boyfriend and I had been experimenting with a bit of anal play...He had entered me a few times before with some light thrusting...But the other day I said I wanted to have a little anal and he was slow at first and then just exploded with energy. I didn't like it at all so we had vaginal sex instead.

seriously, my asshole hurt for a week straight. And I couldn't use the bathroom properly.

part of me thinks he really enjoyed it and wants to do it more. I don't want to. At least not the hardcore sh*t that I enjoy only when it's inside my vaginal walls.

gah. What do I say to him?

Don't want to hurt him, just want him to understand how it felt.

or at least how I can enjoy it more..If that's possible at all.


we really don't do anal now. our normal sex life has just gotten better on it's own...it's great. thanks for the help though. he still fingers me a bit but only during sex when I'm relaxed and okay with it.


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  • Well here's the thing. For starters Anal is not for everybody. Not everybody can do it. With that said let me tell you what I know about Anal sex.

    For starters you wanted to know what to say to your boyfriend. Well I'd start by telling him he was a real bastard for slamming it into you and if he wants to do it again not only should he wait a good long while and that he should also have to do it entirely on your terms or not at all. Seriously you don' just pound it into a chicks @ss like that. He could have caused some serious irreparable damage. You should explain that to him while your at it.

    Now also regarding your question as to how you can enjoy it better.

    For one I'd recommend, you not doing it until you're completely comfortable and relaxed about doing it. Believe it or not that does make a difference. Next thing I would recommend is the right preparation. For example lubrication is a must, so try getting some Astro-glide or some K-Y from the pharmacy or something, maybe a sex shop, some Lingerie stores have 'em too. There is also a product called "Anal Ease" (Anal-ese) that helps.

    Once you've used some lubricant you should start with things to stimulate the @sshole. Start in the doggy position with light touches and taps and after a while your butt should be able to take some inside. Then you move onto fingering. Starting with one finger only, and the finger should be worked in very delicately with a rubbing that is soft gentle and perhaps in a (counter?) clockwise motion. When you are comfortable you can try thrusting, going gently at first and moving harder in intensity when you are ready. Later on you can try 2 fingers, and start by repeating the above process. Depending on the size of his penis you may want to keep this up until you are comfortable with 3 fingers.

    From there you can move on to the actual sex part of all this. Still in doggy you should have him press a little bit downward as he tries putting his d!ck in, (I've found with more girls it tends to go easier this way) and make sue he inserts it very slowly and once the head is in you should tell him to lightly move in and out, while very gradually pushing deeper in. When he is all the way in have him move in and out at a medium-low to medium pace, but only if you feel comfortable with it. I recommend only doing it doggy-style on your first few times.

    After you are more comfortable with this and you feel you can move onto other things you can try starting in doggy and switching to missionary position anal sex (on your back). I've found that my current Girlfriend really likes it on her back, and nearly every time I do it that way I can get her to orgasm or even make her squirt a little.

    Remember to keep using lube as needed. Especially on your first time trying this. If at any point this starts getting too uncomfortable or painful remember that you are wel within your right to tell him to stop, or go to hell. I for one vote for kicking him in the nuts.

    • We've done everything you stated. I don't know what got into him. like he knows I like it slow but I guess he got excited but I asked him today what he liked better anal or vaginal and he said "there is NOTHING like vaginal" so we are fine. not fiting or anything. he's never rough with me soi don't know what was up with him.

      we did it doggie and alittle with spooning. maybe we will try a bit of anal missionary. but either way thanks for the tips! and yeah I need ALOT of lube!

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    • Thats a good idea. he's been saying that he would have a fit if he got to use sex toys on me...lol

      but instead of trying anal again today, we gave each other massages and then he gave me a butt massage. he was just kissing me all over :D he really likes my ass, lol but I will mention the vibrator to him!

    • Sounds like fun.

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