Could excessive feelings of guilt be a part of anxiety disorder or another type of disorder?

I feel guilty about things really easily and sometimes it makes me start to cry or freak out. Earlier my mom took me to get my nails done and the place was really expensive and the lady messed up my nails and it looked weird and I was trying really hard not to cry but I almost did because I felt bad that she was paying so much money for something that was messed up. This sort of things happens a lot with me and I feel like it's not normal for me to get so upset over this sort of thing. I go to a doctor for generalized anxiety disorder, but I want to know if my excessive feelings of guilt could be a part of my anxiety disorder or from a different disorder? I tried to look it up on google but still wasn't sure and I'm not seeing my doctor for a while so I can't ask him yet.


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  • Yes, absolutely excessive guilt is a common component of an anxiety disorder.

    • Thank you for the ba.

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  • It would be clearly anxiety disorder. You're quite the girl. You should take care of yourself more so that you'll never go spend a lot of money and just get into a messy state.


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  • I think excessive guilt may often have something to do with codependency.


    I know someone who is severely codependent and it makes her miserable, and usually resentful of everyone because she can't "fix" them. Check out information about it via the link and see if that may be what's going on.

    I hope you get some help and start feeling better soon!