She checked us both out. This happened tonight...

Tonight me and my mate were at the cinema and a girl was with her boyfriend and it looked like she checked us both out. Then as we went into see the film my mate said she watched us up the stairs. So even the girls have bfs, do they still look at other lads? (obviously without wanting to do something about it. Id feel terrible if that was me.)

Forgot to say that we were talking about how gorgeous this girl was and she looked over as I said it. Thinking we were talking about her.


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  • Not ALL girls will do this, but many may. I know I like to look at attractive people even though I have a boyfriend, but I never do it with the intention to leave him, just to admire the other person, just like you and your mate were admiring said gorgeous girl.

    • Yeah that's very true.

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  • It's normal for girls to look at attractive guys, just like it's normal for guys to look at attractive girls, even if they're in a relationship. As long as it's just looking, there's nothing wrong with it.

    • yeah everything everyones said is very true and this is very true as well.

  • Yeah. Just because you're with someone doesn't mean that all other men no longer exist.

    I look at other men and I'm 100% alright with my bfs looking at other girls.

    Looking is looking!

    • Yeah that's true. And her boyfriend gave my mate the evils apparently. I don't carry on looking out of respect. Id want to punch someone if they carried on staring if I had a girlfriend right in front of my face.

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  • It seems that you look familiar to her, or you're quite good looking.

    You shouldn't think much about it.

    • Yeah that's true as well. I just found it interesting which is why I thought id ask.

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