Are guys intimidated by girls that are a lot better looking then them?

I like this guy who is short and chubby, like a mix of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. He makes me laugh and that is so important in me liking a guy. I am very girly; my nails and hair are always done and I always dress very neatly. He told me I was beautiful and pointed out all the things he likes about my physical appearance: lips, breast, smooth skin, pedicured feet, etc. But he turned me down. Is it because he is intimidated and thinks I can't possibly like him. or is he just not interested in me. Also I could be coming on too strong? I don't have a clue what to do.


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  • He could be trying to push you away by saying that he is dating 3 other girls. Also, he could be trying to make himself more desirable to you by saying he is dating 3 other girls. It could be that he really likes you and doesn't want to hurt you. Therefore, he won't have sex with you because he thinks you will get attached. Whatever the reason is, he really likes you, because he thinks that you are physically beautiful. And in my experiences, that is about 85% of the attraction for men (physical beauty).

    However, I don't know what you mean by "he turned you down." Do you mean he turned you down sexually? Or did he turn you down when you asked him to be a boyfriend? If he turned you down sexually, ask him what is wrong. I want to know the answer to that one myself. But if he turned you down about being your boyfriend, heck, a lot of us do that at some point. We just don't want to be in a relationship, it doesn't matter how good the female looks. So, I wouldn't sweat that too much. That is just a man not wanting to feel locked down.

    Again, if he turned you down for sex, you should call and ask him. Or you could send a text. The only problem with the text is that he may not respond. If he doesn't want to answer you, he'll tell you that he didn't receive the text. It is great cover for us. That is why I love the invention of texting.

    • He turned me down sexually. I don't want a boyfriend right now. But I really don't want to pressure him so I probably won't ask him why he turned. I just need to know what to do next time I see him.

    • Well, next time you see him, act like nothing happened. Just pretend as if you are starting from scratch. He'll be confused. But then again, so are you. Then you 2 will be on an even playing field.

      Honestly, just ignore it & act like it didn't happen when you see him again. He'll be cool with that since he asked your cousin if it would be awkward seeing you at a party or whatever. He'll appreciate that. If you try 2 sleep with him again & he turns you down a 2nd time, just let it go & move on.

    • Thanx for the advice. Sounds like a plan

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  • He clearly was interested: either something happened or something was said that made him think again. (like seeing you flirting and comparing his chances to the perceived chances of the other guy)

    • He is good friends with my cousin. I think she may have told him somethings about me. Like that I am shallow, that's why I take so much pride in my appearance. But when I like a guy he is usually diametrically different than I am. I like men who look like men. Not ones who care to much about clothes, etc.

  • You nailed it opn the head he is scared of getting hurt or gay. Try being his friend and tell him what you like about him, if the fact that he is chubby turns you on let him know.

    • What should I just text him or something. He asked my cousin would it be weird if we see each other at parties because we have been intimate (but no sex). I told her to tell him no. I'm annoyed that he won't ask me but will communicate with me through my cousin. I wish guys weren't so complicated. He also told my cousin that he is dating three other girls. Was that to push me away?

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