How come he stopped looking at me?

What can cause a guy, between the age 18 or 19, to stop looking/staring at a girl they used to look/stare at constantly?

(Sometimes he would even stare together with his friends at her)

Right now he just ignores her, unless she looks at him first. & by the way, they never spoke to each other and don't know each other.

What's a possible reason?


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  • He was interested - but incredibly shy and thus not willing to take the first step and initiate conversation, and since most of you girls are the same - then it was stalemate.

    I'm assuming this has been going on for a very long time, and thus he's given up hope that you'll ever approach him first; so he's trying to move on. Or maybe he's already moved on.

    • Thanks for BA :)

      I was speaking from my own experience; and I forgot to mention that he probably has no idea about flirting signals - I didn't know about them until about maybe 2 or 3 years ago, and it still nerve wrecking as #$% approaching a strange girl, despite seeing many signals from her.

      Many, many girls I've let slip past (and still do) because I couldn't get up the courage to approach them, despite me seeing them wanting to, but I'm getting better

    • You're welcome. And thanks for the comments, they are really helpfull especially the last one. :)

      I also think he has no idea about flirting signals.. I sort of had the idea that he was asking his (older more experienced) friends for help.. When I see him, he still looks at me, but he's not around me that much anymore, I guess he has moved on and so should I.

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  • It must be that you turned him off, or he found something bad about you.

  • i think he wasn't interested


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