Is this just a joke or what?

so I was walking one week from this school where I mentor, and I gotta go down this street and people are always outside. so...i'm polite, I just nod and say "hi, how are you, good good." this guy says hay beautiful. I really didn't think he was talking to me but I said hi anyways like I did to all the other people. he goes, you really are pretty, very pretty. I say thank you , you have a good day. he asks me while I'm still walking if I was 'single by any chance' and I said no.

then today some guy was saying hay beautiful and I said hi- but I was also on the phone. and he's going wow she really is beautiful and some other stuff I didn't quite get. then he said, ' no disrespect but what is your name' and mind you I am on the phone and walking up the street. I didn't respond to that.

so what is it? I definitely don't wear anything but jeans and like a babydoll top and some flip flops. no makeup. I think I'm decent but I don't feel like I flaunt- I just put something on and go. so I'm wondering if these guys are just full of ---- or what. and too these dudes look like they are in their 30s or something.

do guys just think more if you acknowledge them and just say hi ? I do that with everybody. I just think it's rude not to speak when you pass someone on a narrow sidewalk ya know?


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  • I think they were just admirers.


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