Why does he have gloss in his eyes?

My crush when he talks to his friends and he's facing at me. When his friend walks up to him and start talking. I look over at him and notice that he's not paying any attention to them. Instead he's looking at me, and all you can see in his eyes are a little gloss in them. I also noticed his friend caught that... he wasn't paying any attention to them. His friend was telling a story to a group and my crush was sitting there and he turned to me stared at me. Every time I catch this he has a gloss in his eyes.


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  • He's probably stoned.

    You'd be surprised who smokes pot.

    He's "too good for that," though, right?

    • I mean like I was with him for a while, and we do a really tough sport, we're in crew together, that's tough he'd be dying if he were getting stoned lol

What Girls Said 1

  • you may not want to hear this but the "gloss" is caused by 4 things, 1. exteme [usually sexual] excitement 2.crying 3.sick/ill 4.eyedrops to cover up getting high off something.

    so just figure out which one is more possible. if he is the kind of person to get high, if he is a flirt or a player, etc.

    • Haha, well I know he's not the type to get high he's waay to good for that , he wasnt in a bad mood nor was he sick... nah he isn't a player though... XD

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