Ladies, how do you maintain yourself

what do you do routinely and how often to maintain your physical appearance?

ie haircuts, makeup, etc

i Haven't gotten a hair cut in over a year, highlights faded out for a couple years, and I'm comparing myself to other women around my age and I realize just how much of a slob I look like.

i used to thinknit was a good thing that I was "low maintenanced". I hate spending time on hair and makeup. but I'm not happpy with how I look anymore, so it obviously has to change.

i am goinng to start maintaining myself, and ill probably adopt some of your routines that youve got working for you ladies


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  • Oh goes.From head to toe:

    *Hair:I do my own hair,I do not cut it frequently.But I change the style frequently according to how bored I am.:) I hate having the same hairstyle all of the time.

    *Face:Daily washes,monthly or biweekly facial peels to slough off dead skin,exfoliation...all of which I do at home myself.

    *Teeth:Whitening is a MUST.Either by toothpaste,or strips.

    *Body:Moisturize,landscaping,a brazilian wax if I feel like it.I go and get that done.

    *Manicure every two weeks,pedicure every two weeks.

    *Makeup: I wear makeup frequently because my job entails everyone looking like they stepped out of a fashion mag,so I do my makeup constantly...sometimes even false lashes...but not often.Also,personally...I LOVE makeup.

    *Clothes:My style is hard to explain.Its sort of like "candy" and rockabilly.I have defined my own sense of style and have collected ecclectic peices of clothing over the years.With that said,my style still evolves.


    *Im a vegetarian (very personal choice not saying anyone has to be) and I try to make more healthy choices,and drink tons of water.

    *I hit the gym a minimum of four times a week,I do yoga a minimum of four times a week,I'm a regular bike rider,and sometimes I just go for runs.

    *I also make sure to lift weights ,reps etc.


    *No television unless educational programming.This in general just helps with a more peaceful subconsious.I found that the more garbage I consumes whether through elevision or tabloids,the more anxiety I felt about my own looks and life.So I make an effort to stay from magazines that's always making you worry if you're aging badly,too fat,unattractive etc.Yoga helps with a more peaceful centered state and focusing on other things.

    This was a llloooonnnggg answer.Hahaha

    • Long yet very insightful :)

    • ahhh you sound like the perfect girl lol. That is a very healthy life style for all aspects of health. Good job :)

    • @QA: Perfect...farrrrr from it.But thankyou.:)

      @Prof Don: :)

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  • As a guy who's never really satisfied with his haircuts (that's what pomade and styling wax is for!)...I wish I don't have to cut my hair for a year! But then I would look like a Chinese new age hippie... lol

    • Lol. I wish I could shave my head so I don't have to deal with hair! but then I would not be attracting the men I like at all. hahah. funny how life works out eh.

    • maybe I should shave my head too. Then I'll look like a starving Buddha.

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  • I rarely cut/color my hair. Yet strangely, my hair is one of my best features. It's long and thick, and I just don't have to do much to it.

    I put makeup on most days, if only some concealer and bronzer.

    Other than that, I take really good care of my skin: I'm OCD about moisturizing my body and I exfoliate.

    I do my own nails - I find it therapeutic.

    I exercise and eat reasonably well but I don't do anything crazy.

    I do put effort into the way I dress. I just enjoy styling and putting things together, so it's a source of entertainment for me.

  • I rarely wear make-up

    I don't get highlights very often

    I get my face threaded at least once month

    I haven't cut my bangs and hair for almost two years

    I don't care about my body I guess

  • i don't do much, I shower, shave, curl my hair, do my makeup every day, haircuts 3 times a year

  • hair cut every few months

    i do my own nails

    facial a few times a week

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