How did I go down 4 dress sizes when I only lost 10 pounds?

I am 180 pounds and my ideal weight is 120. I started out at 190 pounds 3 months ago...

I went down to 178 pounds, went back up to 180, went back down to 177 pounds and then went back up to 184 pounds. [By abandoning the diet for few weeks while going on vacation, and eating about 200 grams of mayonnaise everyday to boost my metabolism.]

I used to wear a size 14 pair of pants now I wear a size ten... How did I go down 4 dress sizes when I only lost 10 pounds? If I were to lose 80 pounds, which is what I want to do, would it be 80 pounds of body fat or 80 pounds of body fat and muscle?

I'm on a low carb right now that forces your body into ketosis so that you burn body fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. The longer you stay on this diet, the less body fat you have.

When I gain weight is it pure fat I'm gaining or fat combined with muscle if I'm not working out?


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  • have you ever seen a picture of what a pound of fat looks like? it's kind of alot. I started my weight loss at 186 lbs. and a size 12 I've list 30 lbs. and am down to a size 6-7. depending on your height 120 lbs. is around a size 2-4.

    • Wow, that's encouraging... I guess I'm not far from my goal then.

    • Nope not really, all it takes to lose weight is will power. here's something that might help you a bit, all I did to lose weight was eat less and move more, and that DOES NOT mean diet and exercise, just eat less then you normally would and move around more!

    • How did you lose all that weight?!?!?!?

      I am so desperately trying to lose a lot of weight.