Dressing slutty for your boyfriend?

so my friend just broke up with her boyfriend,

so were planning a girls night this friday and we are just gonna get tanked out of our faces :)

of course it isn't as much fun without boy's there! so I wanted to ask my crush if he would wanna hang out sometime later that night (i'd be drunk of course, and he's always asking to hang out with me) I was thinking that it would be fun for me and my friends to dress like sluts and whores , would my crush be turned off or turned on if she showed up and i/everyone else was dressed like that?

i like him so much and he likes me too, I just need that extra little help from alcohol for me to let go of my insecurities :)

so what do you think ? turn on or turn off ?

ps-we would be dressed in short dresses with fishnet tights and maybe heels ;)

oh yeah and I'm more of the "innocent looking one" so he would be kind of surprised to see me looking so sexy :)

oh and we're all around the age of 17 . ;)


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  • To dress like sluts and whores and be plastered is overdoing it.

    If you REALLY NEED alcohol to make out you shouldn't be doing it. ( and the drinking will be illegal- Age:Under 18).

    It will probably be a turn off for him and for other boys (it WILL be known in school and stick to your back for quite a time)


    DON' T DO IT


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  • dressing slutty would be for like if you wanted to have sex with the guy that night...just try dressing up a bit more nice than what you usually do...nice jeans, cute top. maybe heels, and though I hate to say this, don't go with fishnets, its not exactly "casual wear" for something like this

  • Kill urself. This is why girls get a bad name


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  • I'm always the innocent one in my ''circle" of friends... Although I don't think it is ever appropriate to dress slutty?! Maybe tastefully dressed up. I mean if it was only you girls then it would be okay but you aren't. If you are drunk then I really don't think you should be alone with your crush looking like a whore...as you said. Be a lady...I mean you can be sexy without looking slutty. Umm oh and yeah loose the fishnet stockings ;)

  • Dressing slutty is a bad idea. Hands down. Just dress a little nicer than you always do. Fitting jeans, a nice top and heels maybe. Fishnets? Oh no...

  • You must be kidding...

    And you sound like a troll...

    • "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but concerning the universe, I do not have absolute certitude."

      (Albert Einstein)

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    • How do I sound like a troll ? lmfao

    • B/c your post sounds ridiculously ditsy. So ditsy and stupid that it has led to conclude that you MUST be a troll. NO ONE can be that stupid. Seriously.