Any guys looking for CUTE instead of sexy?

I'd love a boyfriend, but guys mostly go for girls they find sexy..

the trouble is that most guys think I'm cute or pretty instead of sexy. So I'd like to know if guys actually like cute too.

A minority calls me hot. Just because I'm skinny.


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  • A sexy girl is just an attractive girl who has an air of sexuality about her.

    Clearly you're a sexual girl because you want a boyfriend. But you have to present yourself as being open to sex/romance.

    Many girls in their body language and the way they speak, even at social events, come across as totally uninterested in sex/romance. They look/sound too defensive, too stand-off-ish.

    Next time you come across a guy you like, smile at him, compliment him, touch him, laugh at his jokes.

    Another thing that will help you seem sexy rather than merely cute: dress in a way that shows you're comfortable with your nature as a sexual woman. Wear jeans that hug your ass, a top that shows off your breasts or a dress that shows off your legs. Wear lipstick or lipgloss. Eyeliner is always very sexy.

    • I'm sure you come across guys who are good looking (cute) but you can't imagine them having sex. Maybe they dress too boyishly. Maybe they don't interact with girls in a way that says, "Yes, I'm a sexual man and I'm comfortable and confident with that". Similar thing. Except as a girl, you don't really need confidence. You just need to look happy/inviting/open.

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  • I am :-)

  • I always look around for cute girls to get in relationships with

  • Yeeeeeeahhh, they'll be out there.


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