If you look away from a guy...guys what do you think?

This really cute guy was looking my way and I couldn't even get the nerve to approach him, and I looked away. Obviously it's hard to talk to guys but I'm just not that confident I guess...hmmm tips anyone?

no it wasn't in disgust. I just don't know why I do this. it is just natural and I was a little embarrassed lol


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  • it is very, VERY hard to tell most times. Like if I have a casual smile while walking around my college campus, and I walk past a girl, and we make eye contact...sometimes they look away immediately, sometimes after a second or two. Can I tell if any of them were curious about me? Nope, lol. I guess unless they smile back (a GENUINE smile) or at least look away and smile, it communicates disinterest.

  • Are you asking what we think if you look away while we're looking at you?

    It depends on how she looks away, if it's awkward or embarrassed it's really cute. I may take that as a signal she likes me. But if it's casual or in disgust then I'll move on or something. If I really like her I may try to catch her eyes again and see what she does.

    • Actually now that I think about it I used to have the same thing. I couldn't help but look away, like it was an impulse. I remember to fix it I went to a place with a lot of woman and mentally made myself smile and not look away. I found if I catch their eyes and smile, they usually smile back. Now I have no trouble lol

      Maybe you should do what I did, go to a place were there are lots of guys and practice not looking away till it's comfortable^^

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