Tall Guys How do you like to be hugged by short girls?

With them standing on their tip-toes and wrapping their arms around your neck?

Or With them wrapping their arms around your waist and resting their head on your chest?

Which is better in your opinion, and why?

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  • I like it when a girl puts her head on my chest or shoulder. Kind of symbolizes some attraction or passion to me.

    • I agree with you on that. Definitely more chemistry and intimacy in hugging that way. I personally find it more comfortable/natural than having to reach up around a guys neck.

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  • What's considered tall in this scenario?

    I already have an awkward time hugging girls that are 4-5 inches shorter...

    • Just in general average female height to average male height. For example I'm 5'5 and my guy friend is 6 ft. I consider that tall! haha!

    • Well given that the average heights are 5 inches apart and your example is 7 (which is probably almost a head taller) it makes a difference. Also whether it's a romantic or platonic hug.

  • Step 1: Girl acquires stool to stand on

    Step 2: Girl stands on stool

    Step 3: Girl hugs me

    Step 4: ?


  • It doesn't matter. Just as long as she's huggin.

  • I'd prefer to be hugged by a tall girl.

    But if a short girl is to do it then not strangling me is best. waist

  • Mix it up. I think it also depends on the scenario.

  • Waist. I'd have to bend over too far otherwise.


  • Don't overcomplicate it!

    If a shorter girl is going to hug me, she can hug me however she sees fit. I really don't mind if she goes in for the fill around my waist, or around my neck, or right under my shoulders.

    And if standing on her tiptoes to hug me is what she does, then ok!

    As long as she doesn't fall.

  • i would love to be hugged by a girl , but I've never been hugged or had a female friend :/

    • How old are you? Talk to people more, and I'm sure you will find some nice female friends. It's just a matter of being confident and hanging out with all your friends. Do any of your guys friends have girlfriends? Hangout with those guys because they will bring their girls and those girls bring their girl friends and wala!

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    • well I tried so many times and still looking (this time less frequently ) and hope a girl has low self esteem so she is willing to give me a chance

    • Why does e has to have low self esteem to give you a chance? I this has to do with looks, trust me when I say tht doesn't matter. I like a guy who is considered "ugly" by society standards, but I like him. Think about him practically every day. He doesn't even have a clue. But still doesn't mean people have never liked him. And I'm pretty sure there have been girls to crush on you. They just never said anything.

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