Why did he look me up and down then look away?

Theres this guy at uni, he's quite cute actually sometimes when I look over I find he is already looking at me but turns away or starts talking to his friends but he never talks to me. He does have femal friends at uni and is always talking to them . The other day I was looking like a right tramp because we had an exam and I came out of the exam hall and he was standing outside with his friends. When I walked past I smiled at him because he was looking at me but he just looked me up and down and started talking to his mate so I just walked past feeling like a right idiot. Why did he do this? And why doesn't he just talk to me?

Hmm, nothing to do with the fact that I was looking like a real right tramp?


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  • He likes what he sees! He fancies you but he's too shy to speak to you. He's just admiring you from afar. I think he'd appreciate it if you made a move and spoke to him first. That's if you like him back though. He didn't smile back because he was probably quite shocked that you even acknowledged him, let alone smile at him. He likes you but he's just too shy to approach you so if you like him, why not say hi and get the ball rolling? :)

    • I doubt you looked like a tramp. He obviously thinks you're beautiful no matter what you're wearing or how you look.

  • Maybe because he is shy... he might have some feelings for you as well

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