Did I render him speechless?

I was walking towards this guy I've had a crush on the past few months and he didn't look away at all, just stared at me as I walked down the hall.

I felt obligated to say something since he was looking at me so I did. He just continued to stare and smile at me. I asked him a question and he just nodded and continued with his smile.

We talk pretty often...I straightened my hair so I looked different. I've had other signs he probably likes me. Did I make him speechless this time?!


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  • No. You acknowledged him with a few words and he acknowledged you with a head nod and a smile. You're tripping if you think he was dumbstruck by your beauty or something. He gave you an aloof response to be polite.

  • Maybe he just thought you looked nice. We don't all catcall when thinking this. Answer mine!


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