Even if you don't like the girl, do you want them to talk to you?

ok,so your a guy. even if you don't like the girl, do you want them to talk to you?

what if you asked out the guy, and he said no?


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  • If by "don't like you" you mean "just not into you" then yeah sure. its fun talking to a nice girl and just hanging out like one of the guys or something. If you mean "don't like you" as in an overall feeling of "disliking you" then I'd rather the girl stay away.

    Just curious... but why do you ask?

    • What if you ask out the guy, and they say no?

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    • ...I know I would.

    • I'm checking back on some of my old answers. Doing a follow up.

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  • Yeah, it is always cool to have girl friends to talk to and hang out with. They could give you advice on style.

  • Of course, the person's gender doesn't matter, it's best to have friends of all sorts. I HONESTLY prefer my friends (besides my girlfriend) to be girls..just because they are nice to talk to..all guys ever talk about in schools is sex...and they never know what they're talking about...So it becomes awkward >.>


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