What makes a cute couple, based on looks

I feel like couples should have the same style types or have similiar auras I personality, if you know what I mean

I think should look together. Like an all American guy should or would look cute with a cute innocent girl

A Italian type looking girl with a muscle head

An Kim k type would look good with an athlete or singer

How do you know who fits for you when it comes to making a cute couple

Or should I say how do you know who you will look cute with

Agree or disagree


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  • That's more of a girl think, and it's just a matter of opinion, similar to fashion. I would rather see a couple where girls don't think it's cute just to be a sh*t stirrer. Like me and my girlfriend, we're like the beauty and the beast; but if anyone else calls her beast, I'll rip their lungs out.

    • are you the better looking one?

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  • I don't think love has a certain look,its LOVE and it is everywhere and different things to everybody..different shapes, shades height and weight,the only thing that matters is what two people think of each other

  • Kim K type has been w an athlete and singer lol

  • Have you ever heard that humans are attracted mostly to people that look like them physically, like similar facial features.

    • Yes, but then I hear opposite

      I'm naturally a blond and I LOVEEEEE blondes

      Blonde men are so hot! So I agree

  • personally I think someone with green eyes looks good with blue eyes, and someone with blond hair looks good with a brunette

    • Def :) agree 100 percent

    • i have a feeling we both have one of those hair&eye colors and both of us like someone with the remaining colors

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