Why would this guy smirk at me?

Don't know why guys smirk, but here is what happened with John, keep in my all of the following happened on the same day.

I thought this guy was cute, he suddently said something to me but I ignored what he said by not responding.. I got so nervous. 20 min later he caught me staring at him two times and then he kept looking blank face until I almost automatically looked away and even then his eyes followed me across the tiny front foyer of our school. We're both in college btw.

We were working in a team together at school and I had to hand him boxes outside to load onto a bus and as I was doing that I was not looking at him AT ALL. But from the corner of my eye I could see him smirking. What does that smirk imply?


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  • Maybe it was just an awkward moment.

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