What kind of body type do you like?

guys, which do you like more?...

  • Stick thin, girls?
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  • Athletic, muscular, girls?
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  • Curvy, hourglass girls?
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  • Short , petite girls?
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  • Tall girls?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Most of the women I've dated have been notable in having four major appendages, in the form of two arm's and two leg's, and all but one, has had a fully formed head. These are the only criteria of homogeneity I absolutely insist upon, and I consider anything more to be "gravy" in a sense. By the way, thanks for asking...( ; - { >


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What Guys Said 3

  • I love girls that have an athletic body does not have to be muscular and I think it is a great quality in a girl that takes care of her body and her body shows dedication to hard work as doing exercises or performing sports.

  • I love girls who have curvy bodies, nice thick thighs and nice breasts- not them stick figure types we see on tv all the time...

  • Definitely not stick thin girls or short petite girls. I was torn between athletic muscular girls and curvy hourglass girls, but regardless I like tall girls so I just went with that


What Girls Said 1

  • Not a guy but I think girls with the curvy hourglass have the hottest bodies.

    • 3d

      As long as they’re still athletic and fit, I would definitely agree. I do not like skinny girls or short girls. I like tallish girls

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