Black inner thighs, huge turn off?

I used to be be obese , now I'm fit and my body looks great but my inner thighs are so much darker than my real skin color and I'm worried that it will make me look a lot less attractive and become a turn off

how bad is my situation


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  • I think your thigh discoloration will eventually fade. In the meantime, try body brushing, exfoliating more and using natural shea butter. Good luck and congrats on getting fit. I don't know how guys will feel about it truthfully, but I'd rather be fit with darker thighs than obese anyday!


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  • Trust me, there are far more devastating things than your thighs being darker that can make your life more complicated.

    I mean, you might not like it aesthetically but really, if a guy has serious emotions for you he could care less about that.

    I wouldn't worry if I were you :)

  • try tanning


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  • You'll be fine. Even if they do notice any guy worth your time won't give two sh*ts. We all have flaws, that one is hardly a flaw considering some of the stuff that could be "wrong" with you. But it's not wrong, it's just your body, and you are beautiful and sexy and who gives a sh*t what skin discoloration you've got, be proud of your sexy self, girl!

  • They'll go back to normal. Don't worry about it :) I had the same thing awhile ago.