Best clothing brand for men? (need advice)

I'm a guy in his 20's. I want a brand of clothes that represents both maturity and youth. Basically, I don't want to look like a kid or an older dad, but someone who can be a gentleman and can hang out and be casual at the same time.

Here's the bottom line. I don't want a brand name to be just some kind of status of wealth. But I'm looking for some designer clothing companies that make quality products.

Abercrombie is more for kids than adults. Banana Republic are a bit too preppy. Nike, Adidas and the like are good for training clothes, but not so much for a wardrobe. YSL, Louie Vuitton and Gucci are too expensive for most of us. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste aren't bad, but there has to be better options.

So far I'm thinking about Perry Ellis.

Your thoughts, recommendations?


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  • You should realize that a lot of the brands you are considering don't actually make their own clothes. They are designers. They often have multiple lines. Different lines are made by different companies. Some are junk. Some are quite well made. The best stuff is usually overpriced compared to actual clothes made by that maker, but designer label stuff also tends to go on deeper sale, at which point it can be a bargain.

    I doubt you can or should find 'a brand' that you get all your clothes from.

    If you could describe what kind of clothing you're looking for, you could get better suggestions.

    You do also have to consider fit. Different companies do cut their stuff differently. Fit is paramount, if you find someone whose pants fit you well, stick with them.


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  • Formal: Hugo Boss

    Sem-formal/semi-casual: Ralph Lauren (Polo)

    Totally casual: Abercrombie

    • hugo boss. good idea

    • Absolutely yes for their suits; their ties are also good too; if you're comfortable with some loud colors, Countess Mara goes very well with HB suits.

  • JCrew



    Cotton On

    Banana Republic has a ton of non-preppy clothes

    Calvin Klein

    Kenneth Cole

    • yea, kenneth cole

    • If you like Kenneth Cole, take a look at Calvin Klein. Their line reminds me of Kenneth Cole, but with more class and better quality.

  • Raulph Lauren and Express.

    If you don't have much money then American Eagle is the least acceptable.

  • EXPRESS. :D (my fav btw)

  • I like Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein.

  • Calvin Klein