Big Men's sizes vs. Women's "Plus" sizes?

Anyone ever wonder why larger women's clothes are referred to as "plus sizes", like they're trying to be subtle about it, while larger men's clothes are called "big men's" which throws it right out there?

Why is that?


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  • I didn't realize there was a designated name for "big men's clothes".

    I think things like that tend to get sugarcoated for women since they tend to be more insecure about their bodies. Pick up a magazine that gives fashion tips for girls. The terms "curvy", "curvy all over", and "curvy tummy" are the first to come to mind for me--they all mean the same thing: "plus size". Then you get "full" or "athletic" legs, as opposed to "thin" legs, because not having thin legs apparently makes them athletic by default. Same thing with arms.

    There are so many adjectives used when describing women's bodies and fashion that I have no idea where I fall. Trying to figure it out is like trying to decode a hidden message sometimes.

    Wow, I went off on a tangent. . .


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  • I guess they figured that guys like to be bigger in general relative to women so they say that, but I agree it isn't as subtle as saying women's sizes being 'plus'

  • Can you imagine a store called the big and tall woman store? There is no way woman would go in it!

  • Most women don't like to think of themselves as big or fat, even if they truly are!

  • I think it is probably because women feel more self conscious than men do. And I think when they refer to "big", the men usually are big everywhere. Like tall, big arms and everything.


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