Is my co worker flirting with me or is it my Imagination?

So I work in a business and this guy works in a totally separate department from me and last week I was helping him with something and he came up to me and asked me my name since I really didn't know him and his response was oh downstairs we call you the pretty chick that sits next to (xxx). later in the day I went downstairs and was grabbed my hand and was what I can remember looking me in the eyes and then I told him I would get back to him on his problem and he said oh do you want my cell # later on I went back down and when I was talking to him he just kept looking in my eyes am I imagining something or is it real because I want to give him my number but I want to know if he is interested first. thanks!


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  • My spidey sense tells me that he definitely likes you. Majority of men are very direct when it comes to flirting and when they like a woman. I say go for it. Good luck!


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