Should I ever try to talk to him?

I don't even know if it is worth it to try to talk to my crush. The only true interaction we have had at work was not good. He had let me cut in front of him at the clock in machine and just motioned. I realized I was early and thanked him then made a joke that it wouldn't kill em to let us clock in a few minutes early. He looked at me like I was crazy and walked away.

The only other times we have passed each other in the hall he might look in my general direction and once actually looked me in the eye for a decent period of time. But due to my extreme nervouseness around him I end up tripping or some other silly thing.

My friends tell me to go for it, but I feel as though he already has made up his mind. So should I try to talk to him or not?

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Well thank you to the people who answered as it seems pointless. I actually had the nerve to smile at him and he simply looked away with a frown. I suppose that is my answer :(


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  • :( That sucks he did that when you smiled at him. At least you tried to do something. Maybe it was his off day or maybe he didn't even realize he did it. One thign baout people their moods and actions always are changing. I bet if you ignore him he may act different.

    • Well we don't run into each other very often as we work on opposite sides of the office.

    • Yeah wow so it's like one of those random times you bump into him type of thing. Well at least you don't have to see him all the time which is a good thing. Don't take his frown personally.At least you tried to flirt with him.Also if you like a guy try not to trip or do something silly. Just try to act cool and calm. Sometimes I get nervous talking to girls but I learned how to be cool about it and try not to show I'm nervous.

  • Talk to him.


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