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so today I saw this new girl in work and I'm really attracted to her. white guy Indian girl. this lad said to this girl who I get along with really well that he saw me looking at her a lot. the thing is I don't even remember looking at her a lot only when talking to her. so this is the reason behind the question...

do girls know if a lad likes them even if they don't verbally communicate it?


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  • Some girls will know sometimes, other girls won't. I can give you all sorts of examples and this and that, but that's what it comes down to. Some girls will know in some cases, other girls won't know, some girls know all the time, other girls think someone likes them but he doesn't, ...


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  • Yeah, I do know, there is this guy who would think he didn't show that he liked me so when I subtly call him on it he acts all weird


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