Wow what did I do to him?

Finally got the courage to smile at my crush when he looks my way and he frowned. Like actually frowned and looked away. Then the other day I said hi and he refused to say anything back. On the rare occasion our eyes meet he looks away quickly and at the wall if possible. Seems as though he really dislikes me and I've never talked to him other than hi...


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  • I'd assume he is shy or not interested, I'm sorry :/

    You could just be upfront with him and ask him to hang out sometime and you'll by his answer, or move on...

    • Well I can't ask him to hang out if he always shy's away from me...

    • I think you'll have to just approach him when you see him. Don't hesitate or do the eye contact thing and feel unsure and give him time to shy away.

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