How to dress these shoes?

i recently lost a lot of weight and its time to update the wardrobe a bit. I can now wear pretty much whatever I want so I picked out these shoes link how could I match up jeans jacket shirt?


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  • I can't open it, can you post it again, if they are boat shoes like the guy said then just wear the, with this link


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  • I'm not into boat shoes, but if you want boat shoes, just get some damn sperry and be done with it.

    No socks. No jacket or at most a windbreaker - that's a summer shoe. Jeans are okay, chinos might be better, shorts better still.

    • Ya I'm not a fan of boat shoes either but these are kind of a combination of sneakers and the boat style. Plus that orange really pops.

    • The novelty of combinations tends to wear thin, imho. But if YOU love them, go for it. For a summer shoe I personally prefer a buck or dirty buck if you don't like sneakers. White bucks with colored laces can give you pop as well.