How to tell the difference between shyness and disinterest?

The guy won't talk to me the one time I tried, he just looked at me weird. He will meet my eye as long as I don't make it look like I was looking at him. When he looked at me and I smiled he frowned and looked at the wall.

But at the same time you have to walk past the cubicles where mine is to go to the bathroom. I am on one side. He goes past my side even though it's closer to avoid my side. And he always looks in my general direction (though it could be at one of the other two girls). However if I pass by his cubicle he actually turns the other direction in his seat so he is looking away. Very odd and confused.


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  • In some cases there is no way to know unless you ask directly.

    • Well that does me no good as he won't speak to me. IF it was you which would it be?

    • It doesn't apply to me because I'm not like that, so I don't know. I think if he seems shy in general day by day, then it's probably shyness, but even if it is he could just be shy with everyone. If it's just with you then my guess is more likely he's interested.

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  • Offer him money. That should get his attention.

  • This doesn't sound like shyness to me I'm sorry to say. I'm shy and I don't believe I'd act this way toward someone I found attractive or liked. I would meet their gaze and give a small friendly smile to acknowledge their presence before looking away.


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