Can you find a good dress style that would suit me?;)

Ok. so ill tell use what my shape is like and you try find me a dress style [and color] that would suit my figure:) the dress can be any type- casual or formal=]

So, I'm between a pear and hourglass, I'm not thin and I'm not fat. I'm not too tall either, quite average for an 18yr old. my skin is brownish, tanned. I wouldn't mind wearing a long or short dress but I do get quite conscious of my big booty lol.

Any awesome ideas? link me!:) thank yoou! x


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  • That blue dress that you are wearing in the pic on your profile is amazing. Anyway, here are some of my ideas:

    1. link (both of those dresses), 2. link

    3. link

    4. link

    5. link

    6. link 7. link

    8. link

    9. link

    10. link 11. link

    12. link

    13. link

    14. link 15. link 16. link

    Let me know if you really like a certain one and I could get pics of it from different angles or something.

    • aw thanks hehe0:) and... wow thanks for going to the effort! well my faves were 1, 2, 5, 14 and 16 was cute too:)

      9 was my fave:)

      you have good taste=]

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    • oh snap this is gonna be hell... i dont think we can do this here anymore=/

    • Whose genius idea was this? Oh, well I will just send a message.

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  • You could go with one of those vintage dresses that are popular again. Like Batdoc said, those are way cute, and are pretty versatile when it comes to fitting body types. something like this, either in black or red, or blue

    You could also go with something a bit more old school, ok well older school:
    these are sexy as hell.

    or you could go with something with a bit of flair, and do a salsa style dress:

    Thats what I came up with off the top of my head.

    • oh wow.. those second and third links are fantastic!

      i do love the vintage look. so classy:) thank u!

    • My pleasure.
      I know my way around a dress shop.

  • Can you give a few more details?

    How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

    What's your bra size?

    What's your hip and waist measurement?

    You mentioned you're self-conscious of your booty. What's your favorite feature that you most like to highlight?

    Lastly, what's the occassion for the dress?

    • lol OK sure=]

      i think I'm what use would call 5'3-5'4.. I hav no idea how much I weigh... but I'm not slim and I'm not obese...

      im a D

      no idea bout waist and hips?

      yeh my fave feature would probs b my waist

      and as for the occasion, that's open:) it can be casual for formal. I need help with both anyway:P


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    • omg! you revealed yourself! :) ha ha now it all makes sense!

  • I got you, sweetheart. Classic A Line Dress is what you're looking for.

    The Classic A Line Dress was popular in the '50s and '60s (think the girls on the AMC show Mad Men).

    I took a look at your profile pics and you've got a smaller waist with bigger hips. That's a good classic curvy look. So nothing wrong there. The A Line Dress will hug your waist and fan out over your hips so they don't look so big and it will bring your hips into a nice proportional look to the rest of the dress.

    There are plenty of A Line Dresses out there. Just type it into google and you'll find plenty.

    Let me know if you need any other advice or examples.

  • --------------------------------Love this for u

  • Don't know about style, but ill just say Red would probably be a good color for you. like a burgundy link color.

    And also a royal blue would be good too, like that dress you're wearing in your first pic ;)

    • oh yeah I have a few clothing items that color:) no dresses yet tho=]

      hehe thanks:)

      tbh most colors suit my skin but definitely NOT all styles unfortunately.

      ty 4 the input:)

  • How tall are you?

    • 5'3"- 5'4", y?=]

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    • Yes, you (petite curvy women) are more rarified. Like precious metals or stones. Most of the women I consider too beautiful to talk to (because I'd trip over my words) happen to be petite curvy women.

      It's probably better that way, because most of the exes I have that still drive me nuts are petite and curvy.

      Have you ever been accused of being a "spark plug" link ?

    • oh wow I never saw this till now whoops!

      aw that's cute hehe=] I like curvy women too NOT sexually I love men lol, but I'm saying I find their bodies more inspirational you could say

      haha well going by the first definition, yes:P I don't show that side with everyone but those who witness it comment on it haha.

      sorry for the 10yr late reply...


    This one id look hella cute

  • Your hot wear whatever lol

  • what you're wearing in your pic is just fine

  • Off white sweater type of dress would look good for you. I know it's hot there now Miss bananaface.

  • I don't have a link but I think any dress would look great on you. for the color you should go in white , blue,or a sunny yellow. :)