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So point is dose my ex boyfriend me or was he just begin nice. Yesterday I seen my ex and he was like staring at me when he thought I wasn't looking at him, and I did the same with him and he starts talking to me out of the blue it was work related. But I was looking at him and his butt lol. we broke up recently and either one of us didn't take it to well, but question is do you think it's weird that we was looking at each other when the other one wasn't looking and why was I staring at his a** and what dose it mean? thanks!:)


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  • It happened because you're thinking too much about him.

    • Yea maybe, bit today I handle it well, and didn't really look at him like I would.

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  • It means that, regardless that the relationship is over, you both are still attracted to each other, so maybe you can try a different angle, with no strings attached.

    Hope it works out!

    • still attracted to each other Yea! but I know at some point ima haft to move on. :( It just makes me mad and wondering why he broke it up with me and if there was someone else OTHER THEN ME.

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  • Why post the same question under two different title names every one sees the first one hun

    • I know sorry! I'm just trying to get answers- :( I feel sad and I'm mad, upset. I mean I really liked him a lot and then he says he liked me to. I just feel like if he did he would be willing to have stay and work things out with me. I know from this point on never- to date someone at work. He says we should stay friends's Ha yeah like that not going to happen right now. It just makes me think he might have been seeing someone else other then me, he seem so eger to end things w/me. :(

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    • Oh wow really so it just like faded it away .?

    • I suppose

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