So what if I liked something and now I changed my mind?

That question makes it sound so bad. After football season got done this year my boyfriend was gonna shave off his beard. I told him I liked it and that he shouldn't. Well he did and I thought it looked fine. I wasn't really used to it because I had never seen him without it but I still thought he was hot right? And so he shaved it off and then grew it back. He's had it for three or four months now and I'm not sure I like it a whole lot you know? I mean I love him with or without it but I'm thinking I want a change. How do I say that with out sounding like. Well like nothing makes me happy? I really love him but we aren't close enough for me to tell him what he should do. HELP!


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  • Do you think he likes himself better with or with out it?

    If he likes himself best with the beard and you don't like it you just have to make him feel better when he's shaved.

    This doesn't sound like a hard questions to me unless you stomped around and made a huge deal about him shaving it in the first place. As long as that's not the case just come out and say it. Or your might try and ask him if he can teach you how to shave it. Make it some kind of fun game.

    If you make a huge deal about him shaving it the first time I would just leave the poor guy alone until he shave it again maybe hint around at how you were wrong and he's very sexy with out it.