If a guy is hard 3/4 of the time foreplay is involved but never sex & he comes, is he that attracted to me?

The guy I was "talking" to who I befriended while getting to know him, we were physically and mentally attracted to each other, what connected us was that we have a lot of personal similarities -We both love God and have similar goals when dating,. We hung out and didn't do anything but talk about God and just our beliefs-he confided in me, which isn't something he does a lot has he is shy. However, when he is around alcohol, he opens up. Long story short, when I was sober and he was tipsy, but said he knew he wanted to mess around, we did-this was after we had hung out a couple of times before were just cuddling and kissing was involved. He knows I'm a virgin and he has only has sex twice. Well, we fore played and I helped him come. I cuddled as well, but never had sex; this made things awkward between us, as this wasn't suppose to happen, we went almost a month of not speaking, he backed away from me and blamed that night on me.

But recently we started talking again-really light (one on one, which hadn't happen since incident)-we were civil before when we saw each other after incident. I can see the way he looks at me that he has feelings, but can't understand nothing else. *Does he coming that night (I helped him) and him being hard 3/4 of the night-31/2 hours or 4, (He knew he was the first guy I messed with) does that mean he really enjoyed it and is attracted to me?.


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  • Good question! I think though he might be ashamed that it happened. Maybe he liked you before the incident, but it seems that he might have lost a little respect. He could still like you but is afraid of what might happen again if he pursues anything more.