I just don't know if he'll ever be interested in me

GUYS HELP!.......

Long story short, I have a crush on this guy at the gym but I'm not sure if he feels the same way. But maybe he likes me/maybe he doesn't.

When I do go to the gym, he usually looks my way, he goes with a friend and one time we were passing each other and we looked each other directly into the eyes and we didn't stop staring till we passed.

Heres another one, he shops at my job at times and I've seen him there twice this month already. The first time his voice was so low like a soft "thank you" when I took him as a customer (idk if tone of voice means anything). The second time he was my customer again, by chance :-) my coworkers register had died down or something so I had to take him and he came to me but he looked me in the eye again (then again most customers do, so I guess I shouldn't read into it?) But while he was waiting on the line, I did catch him staring directly at me.

Plus I also liked him for some time now, I just don't know if he'll ever be interested in me :-/

Did I tell you he's 6'0 tall, green eyes, brown hair and always wears a hat. well looks don't matter, but he's sort of like the "silent/quiet type".


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  • He probably finds you attractive and you should talk to him, because with that personality its rare unless you break the ice with him.


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  • Why don't you stuke up a conversation? At the very least smile and make yourself approachable

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