What do I do if I don't feel Beautiful?

I know that others will say that we are all unique but when I look in the mirror I don't feel beautiful, I feel ugly. No guy is going out with me and all my relationships end up with the guy playing me or using me. Help


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  • Ok so you want to face the real world.

    First make yourself believe that you are happier than before.

    Take care of yourself.

    Be active in yur society.Try to get mixed with people with grace.

    Smile is must.

    If you had all these things in you then you will see your this dream coming true.

    Also never remain alone for more time.

    Have a good day.



What Girls Said 1

  • When I don't think I look my best, I dress up in my prettiest clothes, do something different with my hair and make up, and enjoy, even if I am not going anywhere. It usually helps A LOT. It just helps make me feel better about myself. Spa days at home also help, too. They really are rejuvenating and give your skin a nice glow. Look up some facial recipes that you can make with things in your kitchen. For example, today I used a yogurt facial mask with crushed blueberries in it, and it made my skin shiny and smooth feeling. ^.^

    Also, don't feel bad that a guy isn't going out with you, and don't let the jerks you've been out with before get to you. They were a waste of your time. You will find the guy for you when you least expect to. And remember, you don't need a guy to feel beautiful.