How would you Classify the people that work at Hot Topics' "style" or "look"?

I go to Hot Topic regularly and so often that the people who work there remember my name. People tell me I do dress like them except I don't have gauges or tattoos (too young) but I do have 9 cartilage piercings, 2 earlobe piercing, snake bites (2 lip piercings), a nose piercing, and a belly button piercing. That's 15 piercings and no there not all in at the same time! And no I don't enjoy pain its just what I like. Anyways I dress like them except people say its in a kind of cute hipster way which I kind of agree because I am in a way a hipster. Just the overall question is how do you classify them, do you think they are scary or weird, how would you kind of classify me and please answer my poll?(I'm not bragging for attention or to look or sound cute many people in my school do though so I'm just stating it)

  • I like girls with piercings and find it attractive
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  • I don't like girls with piercings and find it gross
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  • I don't mind if they have piercings and don't judge and/or care
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Guys this is not about the piercings it's about the clothes and in my opinion some people dress totally different then how they act so please take that in mind.


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  • I don't really care. I think people that dress like that hardcore are trying too hard to fit into the culture. Rock is not about how you look, it's a way of thinking. That way of thinking merely influences the rebellious attire. I'd be more inclined to seek out a rocker type girl because I'm sure we share similar music tastes.


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  • I hate piercings, they're gross!

  • Hipster, trying to be cool, like a 90's MTV generation where aloofness is desired. Knowing the best rock and/or punk band is seen as mandatory. You probably need to have been in a mosh pit or at least at a concert during your lifetime... yeah

    • And to your poll, I don't really care about piercings UNLESS you have overdone it to where it's distracting, like its all over your body or something

    • not sure what you are getting at with your update. you asked Erynce

      'How would you Classify the people that work at Hot Topics' "style" or "look"?'

      And I answered that question. and your poll is all about piercings so I addressed that too...

  • I only find ears and belly buttons piercings hot on girls.

    • @ update: If this isn't about piercings then you shouldn't of made the poll about piercings.

    • I was just wondering what other people thought of it because a lot of my guy friends (they're not all like me some of them opposites of me) say its "hot" or "attractive".

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  • c, aren't you more like grunge?

  • alot of the people that work at hot topic here look weird 0.o