Is this the 'talking stage'?

I've noticed that in the last couple of weeks me and the guy I like have started talking more. We still touch, eye contact etc but not as much.

This week we talked for a lot longer than usual, mainly about my work and his cameras, I work in a photo shop and that's how we met. He even asked me questions which he's not done before! Also he told me what he was doing this week end, something he's only done once before. He also said he might try to attend an anniversary party I'm going to ( he only said this after he found out I was going.)

Before this we'd do a lot of the usual eye contact, non-verbal stuff but only say hello/goodbye some weeks. He's turned up 2 times at places I've said I was going to.

Sometimes I think he's shy around me as he used to blush and look away when I first talked to him but could talk easily to the other females he knows.

Someone thought we were an item and we've had quizzical looks from others. We must look interested in each other at least :)'s been a while since I dated...


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  • if you like him, ask him out...


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  • well why don't you talk about going to a place in the weekend and tell him it would be great if he came along. or ask him if he could show you how what he does with his cameras.