When a man makes a funny face to your child in the bus?

Girls, when you have your child (or a child that you are babysitting) in a baby stroller and you're on the bus, and you see the child smiling a lot and even laughing; and you look back and see a guy making funny faces at your child and he suddenly stops when he notices that you are noticing him.

Is that an acceptable behavior in a bus from a guy towards your child?

What would your initial thoughts be?

p.s. the guy isn't creepy looking and looks to be about 25 years old


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  • i would think the guy is so nice and I would be instantly more attracted to him because it shows his good nature

    • Thanks for that - wish thought the ones that rated my question would state why they did it, especially if they do have a child and would be annoyed

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  • Of course it's an acceptable behavior. Why wouldn't it be?

    It shows that the guy is good-natured.


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