How honest are you when your being serious and not joking ?

Honestly I've very outlandish and trolling around a lot in the past but now I want to be honest about what I'm doing right now, I Released a instrumental album right know under the Distributions of an major label and also I'm working with management and A talent agent right who is trying to lead my carrier on the right directions with out being rude and fact this agent believes in what offering to the world .

below is what my talent coach wrote to me. She agent 100% legit and given Free advice .

Your style is indeed very different. But I must say, it was hard for me to really understand the lyrics because the beat was louder than your words, and also the words seemed to be a bit off tempo with the beat. Your style is very unique, and there is honestly no telling how the general public will respond to it. They may like it, and they may not because they don't know how to take it. They aren't used to it. And I'm just speaking as a consumer, someone who is on the outside looking in. You have something that has the potential of growing and turning into something that could make the music world take notice.

What other forms of music are you into?

REMBER stay safe and follow this advice this important if you want build those business Relationship link


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  • well I'm always honest,


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  • I'm pretty honest most of the time.

  • i don't get what's you question? the last one? I don't see how its bad what your coach told you, he's not saying you are bad or anything,


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