Why is he looking for my attention now?

Theres this guy I was crazy infatuated with always looking to get his attention. All he ever did was actually stare to show he was giving me attention, the look of "I enjoy what I see" We never spoken before but he was well aware about my feelings, even his co-workers knew I had athing for him. Physically, I know I'm not lacking in both face and body so I don't see the problem. I stopped chasing after him because I thought I would never work my way up to speak to him. All of sudden he wants my attention now, he'd been doing things to get my attention now but I Haven't been giving it to him. He's really hot but so am I. Just recently he was staring at me when I walked right pass him while he was standing guard next to a door, he kept looking at me while tilting his head to where I walked to, making it SO OBVIOUS and he knew that I knew. But he couldn't say anything. Why is he acting up now? is it because I haven't fed him attention for like 3 months now and he sees me occasionally now?


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  • guys don't like it when they know they have lost girls attention


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  • well because he lost you attnetion and he know wnats what he can have.

  • He misses the attention.