If a guy doesn't look you in the eye, what does it mean?

So, I was in line to buy something at the store and I was getting my card out to pay. I pinched my finger and yelled out loud, and the guy asked me if I was ok. I made eye contact with him and told him I was alright. I tried to make more conversation with him, but he wouldn't look at me, he just kept staring down or away as we talked. So, does anyone know what this means? Like, I'm not going to pursue him or anything because I know it's a sign that he's not interested, but why wouldn't he look me in the eye after we talked the first time? I was just curious.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He may not have daring to talk to girls.

    The surrounding in which we live affects our nature.

    Mainly boys don't have good surrounding of girls

    so they get pretty discomfort or uneasy before them

    even if they are not shy or unconfident.

    Something same happenned with me too!



What Girls Said 1

  • you don't know him or his personality, so it could have been anything. maybe he liked you, maybe he didnt. you can't always judge someone on first impressions, though most people do.

    • Yeah, that's true, but the person behind me he actually looked at when he was talking...well, thanks!

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