Have you noticed that some people conform to numbers?

I discovered the numerological values of the first 140 numbers and I realized that almost everyone that I've met will conform to these numbers... for example

22 = renewal.

Well my friend who canceled on me the day before called me at 4:22 to reschedule another tie for us to meet.

10 = completion.

Well at 3:10 a guy e-mailed me to tell me he is no longer interested in talking to me.

37 = discernment or division.

Well at 4:37, my friend called me to tell me he could no longer meet me to work on that book we were writing together... this means he has divided himself against me

59 = finished.

Well I asked a guy a lot of questions about a subject I knew little about, at after posting 159 messages in the internet forum, he stopped replying to me... I saw the number 159 a few minutes later.

This number was printed on my movie ticket: 20, 5, 2

well 20 = hearing

and 5 = power

and 2 = procreation

"hearing there is power in procreation." I was supposed to go to my friend's house the next day for a tarot reading and this was after my ex blocked my number...

I believe this is the mark of the beast... that everybody who is destined for damnation will conform to the pattern of numbers I described.


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  • really? you know I used to do numerology just because I was bored on day and I had the day off and I was like wow this is neat and I added up the numbers to my name and it said stuff that was surprising ly true for a random numerology thingy. it said I would go into a medical profession as a job and that I had a lot of energy or something that I need to channel through extracurricular or whatever which I do. lol. I do like sports and I'm in clubs at my school. I like to draw and if I'm off work, I can't help but be doing something.

    • Wow, can you tell me how you did that?

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  • you know, my mother is a nurse at a mental institution and she deals every day with a lot of people who sound exactly like you do.

    • They thought Jesus was crazy too they said "he has a demon"

    • Thing is, people like you become serial killers.

    • Wow. lmao

      Plus very rarely do people that sound crazy turn out to be geniuses... and even less so messengers from God. hahaha

  • I've never know about this..


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  • ...and my lucky numbers are 6 and 13! Hows that for randomness.

    Chill, it looks like your just looking out for these numbers to blame for bad stuffs happening to you... chances of numbers actually meaning something is slim and if you stress about stuff like this when chances are... they mean nothing then you could end up feeling rather ill.

    I do believe in some things but numbers didn't even exist until humans kind of invented them so seeing figures like this doesn't necessarily mean anything. When I say humans invented numbers I mean things like the symbols and names of numbers, there have always in a way been 'amounts' like two sheep but the symbol and the word two/2 are just used to resemble the 'amount' of sheep there.

  • I think you are reading too much into this. You could do that with anything. You could take any number with any meaning and somehow twist it to make it fit in with what it's "supposed" to mean.

    "37 = discernment or division.

    Well at 4:37, my friend called me to tell me he could no longer meet me to work on that book we were writing together... this means he has divided himself against me"

    That's a total stretch. He divided himself against you? Seriously, take any situation, with any number or time, and you could make it somehow match the description. Not because it's meant to be that way, but because your mind finds a way to make it that way. And the whole "hearing there is power in procreation" thing made me laugh. That's really stretching for it.

  • Lol that was interesting to read-i never knew certain numbers meant certain things.

  • what happened at 5:22, 4:10, 5:37? you can't just pick numbers that happen 24 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and conform them to your pattern.

  • I have to disagree with that. Random things happen everyday.

  • lol...that is pretty crazy!

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