Guys, what do you like about chicks?

What's really attractive?

Just list some stuff about looks and attitude.


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  • not enough characters in this box, could explain girls/women

    im trying to think of the best way to sum it up

    i think for now ill just say

    from head to toe physically:

    well-kept hair (color/style preference depends on the guy)

    good looking eyes (again, color and shape pref. depends on guy)

    nice smile (teeth as white and straight as possible)...although I did hear that people with crooked teeth kiss better, dk if its true though

    nice looking arms and hands (fingernail length color, arm length etc... depends on the guy)

    nice size breasts (pref. depends on the guy)

    healthy weight (pref. depends on the guy)

    piercings (how many and where pref. depends on the guy)

    nice ass (roundness, firmness etc... pref. depends on the guy)

    decent legs (length/shaven etc... prefs. depends on the guy)

    p---- (shaven, color etc... depends on the guy)

    nice feet (size, toenail color etc... depends on the guy)

    personality: just depends on the guy

    do you see a common theme here, and I think I kind of just summed up GAG, in a nutshell, that's there's no "real answer" to any of these types of questions, because every girl and guy is different, what one guy may like, another may not

    i mean yeah what I did was an outline, but now you just need to find that specific guy and he'll tell you what he likes, ya know?

    anyway, my rant of the day is over

    hope it helps

  • well with me its got almost everything to do with personallity and I know that looks are kinda required to start off with because you haven't had time to talk yet but with me the only thing that would really turn me off before I get to know someone would be if you have your entire face covered in acne(a little doesn't bother me)or if your hair is just entirely unkempt but that's all I could really say about apperence and then with personallity I just want someone who isn't fake and doing a bunch of stuff in attempts to get other people to like them and from past experience when you try to do stuff to get other people to like them it will do exactly the opposite. so just be yourself and this way you only meet people who you genuinly like to be with and you'll find yorself a lot happier


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