Stretch marks!!!

Do guy think stretch marks are nasty? is it a turn off?

my boyfriend says I'm pretty, sexy, beautiful, hot, perfect. but I think I'm ugly. I have stretch marks on my arms. I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either. I want to be perfect for him but my stretch marks are really gross to me. and I'm scared to wear tank tops around him cause they show. even if I wear a t shirt you can see them cause they come down to my elbow. they are light but you still can really see them.

is it a turn off? would he think I'm ugly? would he always look at them and be like NASTY! ? would would you do if your girlfriend/boyfriend had a lot of stretch marks on his arms?


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  • I watched opera one day and ther is a place in the world that stretch marks are attractive, I know some guys would be jerks about it but some of my male friends say it doesn't matter to them as long as the girl is a good person.

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