Guys never like me. Please help:(

Hi:( I'm 16 and it seems that guys never like me.:( I'm 6ft but I don't want to blame that as the reason guys don't like me. My friends have said that I looked intimidating when they first saw me but when they talked to be they said I was one of the nicest and sweetest people they have met. I'm not mean or anything(I really try not to be). But it seems like guys never like me. I'm not the prettiest girl in the world and I know that but I think I'm OK looking when I have my makeup on. I'm also really shy so I don't know if that has something to do with it. Please help. I occupy my time with my sports to get my mind off it but I can't. by the way I haven't been kissed yet:,(


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  • lol my first kiss was at 18... and I'm 21 I have only dated once. and I have yet to actually go on a real date. when the time comes you'll meet someone who will like you. you're still young. :) also work on that shyness you have. I used to be really shy like you. it is possible to break out of that shell, but you just have to take small steps getting to that point. try to be more outgoing. "how do I do that you say?" well makes small goals for yourself that take you out of your comfort zone and stick with them don't back out of them. after awhile make them more of a challenge. push yourself to talk to guys even just as friends. that way you will get more comfortable talking to a guys more often. what ever you do don't say "what if ""but I can't" any negative stuff like that. think positive! and just try to talk to guys you like even if they may end up in not liking you in the end. it''s not like you will loose anything by doing so. I think it should give you confidence if anything. because you can say to yourself "wow...I did that? what else am I capable of?" :P and at some point you will meet a guy who likes you back. it just takes time. as you can tell from what I have told you about me. I'm still waiting. ;p and waiting isn't a bad thing. it gives you time to figure out yourself as a young woman. you have lots of time for a relationship in the future.


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  • I am glad I am the first person to respond to this, guys at your age are horn dogs, they only want to have sex and party. Here are some tips, because not every guy will want to be with you because you are tall, guys generally don't like girls taller than they are. So a tip is trying to go after tall guys, and athletic, a Nerdy short guy probably wouldn't be interested because of you being tall and athletic. For the kissing thing it doesn't matter, some of the prettiest girls I know didn't kiss anyone till they were 17 or 18. At least you are not a whore. Just don't let the guys at your age get you down you have plenty of time to meet that right guy for you. Feel free to as me for more help if you need it.

    • I just:( I worry I'm never going to be good enough for any guy at all. It makes feel sad inside thinking that that is what is going to happen to me. I really don't wanna go down the road of me giving just myself sexually to get guys to even think of me. But I feel like that's my only option:(

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    • Trust me nice and sweet will cut it in the long run, no one wants a **** as a wife! hope this helped :)

    • Lol thx again:)

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  • HUGS. First, there's no race. The boys do come. I'm 5'10" myself, so fairly tall. I'm actually the shortest girl if I hang out with a certain group of friends of mine. Guys will like you. Not all guys, no girl is that lucky but there are guys out there. I wasn't kissed or asked out before I turned 18.

    Focus on yourself. Enjoy your sports (I was terrible at sports LOL). Build your self-confidence, you're going to need it. I'm sorry to say that the guy is right, there are a lot of guys out there that will not date a girl taller than them. But there are guys out there who don't mind and thinks its attractive. Love who you are. Focus on school, do all the sports you want. Work on that shyness, you probably have an advantage on other girls, you can talk sports with guys (and I know a few guys who love that).

    Don't let the guys your age bring you down. High school boys are so not worth it. I never got a second look in high school and I'm laughing now. You'll find someone, don't worry.

  • Aw babe, um. I don't think you sound intimidating in the slightest so yeah I don't think you look that either, but the thing is instead of worrying about boys you should focus more on your self esteem and how to love yourself more. That been working for me, and I feel more happier as a person and I'm more confident than I have ever been. And please don't worry about that you've not been kissed yet. I know a girl who didn't get her first kiss before she turned 18, and she is beautiful as fk. So do not worry. Have a nice day! X