Help me figure out this eye contact


She always do that.

I look at her, be both look away, but when I look at her again then she looks at me.? Like she always caught me looking.


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  • Hahaha wtf is up with these guys? A look obviously doesn't equate love, but odds are she's interested. Like RositaV time you catch her looking at you, smile, then approach her.

    • I just wonder how she is thinking. I was looking at her, she looks away, then she keep her look near around me, but then I look at her then she looks at me again.

      What do you think? =)

      (she maybe likes me, but I don't think she loves me.) She rejected me in December

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    • day After sports day

      She came in from schoolyard, I was sitting with my friends, she walked past me, when I looked up I caught her looking at me, she looked away like nothing happend. Then later on she went back with her friend, she sat across my table (SCHOOLSQUARE). I caught her looking at me, 1-2 times, she even caught me looking once. We gave each other little glances.( not all the time) few minutes gap. Then later on she didn't look at me anymore.

    • Sorry for bothering u, thnaks for taking your time for answering my question, I'm gonna set your answer as''best answer'' ! =)=)

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  • OMG.. just because the girl looks at you doesn't mean she LOVES you. What she is is intrigued. She's curious. So next time she catches you "looking" smile at her. And then you can start up a conversation.


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  • dear, she loves you very eagerly. so you tske her as a lover and uboth are spent life very colurfull.

    • I just wonder how she is thinking. How could that mean that if she have crush on me.

  • she loves you

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