Girl Magazine Models: Hot or Not?

A lot of girls look at girl magazines and wish they had the model's this or that, and 9 out of 10 times when they finish looking at the pictures in the magazine they feel a little bad about themselves. Like they're not that tall, skinny, cute, hot, whatever.

But (!) I was talking to some of my guy friends and only the virgin boys found the girls in the magazine physically attractive. (The other guys actually found the plus size models more attractive)Coincidence? maybe but I didn't think so.

So just to be sure, I want to run a quick little survey, for both guys and girls, please be honest (its anonymous anyway!) !

(there weren't enough slots so if you're a girl and don't think that they are attractive either post a comment or click on [virgin - no], sorry it was the best I could do!)

Maybe we'll end up boosting some girls' self-esteem!

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if you're a guy and have NEVER taken a peek at a girl's magazine then go to or or or just look online!
oh god I just realized that the poll says if you're a guy or a girl... HOW DUMB AM I?!?!?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think that the only reason why certain girls are models are because they're really tall and skinny. It doesn't really matter if their face isn't that pretty or perfect - lots of make-up and photoshop can change that. Also most of the time they're wearing too much, too bright, or too dark make up especially in the eyes and lips that it makes them less attractive than otherwise.

    And tall and skinny doesn't necessarily mean a good body. In fact I bet that many guys don't care about the tall and skinny look but rather have average-height or even short girls with average or curvy bodies - not too big and not too skinny. Also I read that the main reason why a regular female model needs to be super skinny is because the only clothing provided for her to wear is in the lowest sizes.

    • I surprisingly actually agree with you, tall skinny doesn't =hot/pretty. and I heard that to, that they have to fit into certian clothing sizes

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    • ...and I have both seen before and just saw that video; I think the first time seeing it was the first time I realized that what people look like especially in ads isn't really what they look like...which made me realize that it doesn't really matter if I don't look "perfect" like the girls in magazines, billboards, etc. because they don't even look like them! I've also realized that guys don't really care if a girl looks "perfect" or not - even with my short stature, pale skin, etc.

    • ...I meant to say even with my short stature, pale skin, and break-out face [though I wear make up which hides most of it] many guys still apparently find me attractive.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't think models in girls fashion magazines are particularly attractive generally, but I also don't think that plus-size models are ever particularly attractive. Models, in general, I just don't really ever find particularly attractive.

  • virgin- yes


What Girls Said 3

  • some of the look like guys. me and my friend were discussing this over an issue of 'In style'. I think some of them are so pretty though. they have perfect skin and their hair is done. I would love to look like them sometimes. it must be fun to pose all day and get paid for it.

    • Yep but keep in mind that not only do they have professional stylists for their hair and make up artists for their face but they're also photoshopped so they look as "perfect" as can be...they naturally don't even look like themselves. also maybe some of it is fun but I bet a lot of it is hard work...though they do get paid a lot at least.

  • I was looking at this website yesterday of photo's before and after photoshopping and after looking at the real one's the photoshopped one's looked so dam fake, I supose we're used to seeing the pic's in the mag photoshoped, so seeing one unphotoshopped looks ugly. But anyway to answer your question. I don't think the girls are pretty but the way their made to look definitely is pretty. I know if I had those flawless skin in real life I wouldn't be complaining. lol

  • I think the ones in the mainstream magazine are too skinny. Some of them might have pretty faces but to me that doesn't really matter if you don't have to booty and boobs to go along with it. Now the girls in King magazine, that's what I wanna look like, minus the raunchiness